May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mai!

I came home late tonight because I finished first my monthly reports needed for Monday's Management Committee Meeting. I think around 7:30 PM my hubby texted me to go home because we will be celebrating my cousin's birthday. Oh my! I forgot to greet her this morning..So here is my greetings for you Vanessa May! (better late than never!)

" Thank the Lord for the additional LIFE
that has been added in your fruitful YEARS! and
Wishing you ALL what God has in-store for you
and that
He will grant you whatever is your heart's desire".

This was taken last May 16 after our 1st Valero Clan Grand Reunion
together with my beautiful cousins..

this was taken by my 2 year old daughter!

once again Happy, Happy Birthday Mai...
Continue to be a blessing and
God Bless you more in all aspects of your life!

1 comment:

Forgetful Princess said...

oist happy bday kay Mai.

sis, musta? naku di raw safe mag travel so mag boat na lang talaga kmi...huhuhu...gus2 pa naman kita meet.