May 7, 2009

Best Blogger Awardee

I know that has been a long and overdue award from my dearest friend in the blogosphere and a sister in Christ named Genebei. I never expected that two of my friends Ate Laureen (my church friend) and Elaine (my officemate) would also gave me the same award. Indeed, I am so blessed to have them as my friends.

1. Take your award here.
2. Put the logo on your post.
3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
5. Add links to those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

I wonder if the following new friends would love to receive this award:
Cookie, Meryl, Rose, Aiza, Ate Nenette, Aisha and Koko.

1 comment:

Bill said...

Congrats on the award you have a great site here so you really deserve it. Have a great weekend.