January 27, 2010

My Nephew's Disease

Just yesterday as I was reading my cousin’s post, I was so shocked when I read that my nephew was suspected to have HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease). Oh my, where in the world he got it? He was just suffering high fever for days and rashes on his upper mouth, palms and other parts of his body. The doctor said that there’s still no specific treatment for HFMD but still he prescribed an antiviral syrup which is commonly used to treat chicken pox, mumps, influenza A and etc. This medicine also is being used to help individuals suffering from AIDS related complex. As if that his disease has passed the STD tests that’s why he was given such med.

Speaking of this kind of test, it is now easy for people and their partner to get tested for STD so quickly, conveniently and privately! In this matter, you will not be embarrassed nor judged by others because it is done privately, it’s between you and the professional who will know that you got tested.

So much for that, thank God that my cousin’s son is quite okay now.

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