January 17, 2010

Say it with Words!

Days from now we will be celebrating the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. This holiday is being celebrated throughout the world. This day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines". Aren’t you excited? Whew…I am so excited to celebrate it with hubby.

For sure, it is not just my hubby who is thinking of valentine gifts to their love ones as of now, right? This is not just the day that you would only tell your love ones and special person on how much you love them but it should be every day. Some people may say I LOVE YOU with flowers, or perhaps to some they would say it with a well-chosen card. Some would prefer it with chocolates and to some with perfume. It’s true that it is well appreciated to receive such from your love-ones. But it would be so nice if not only those tokens of love that will do the work of saying what you or they really feel inside. One really has to say the words “I LOVE YOU!”

Everyone needs to hear the words of love. So not just during valentines but today, tell that special person “I love you” not just with flowers, chocolates, cards, perfume, lingerie, jewelry and so on and so forth but with words.

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