January 23, 2010

Garden Landscaping

About two weeks ago, I hired two young boys to take over our lawn. I mean I asked for their help since the weeds were growing so fast and I cannot make it by myself that I also need to clean the surroundings as well. In just four hours, they were all done. Whew! My lawn already looks like one! Lol! But I guess I need to plant some flowers to beautify the place more. Ops! That if I will have enough time.

I guess I am not the only one in here, many homeowners love also to take care of their lawns and gardens as well. As of now, hubby and I are processing our papers in order for us to purchase a house that we can call it “our own”. I am so excited to have it this year so that I can now do whatever I wanted to do especially Garden Landscaping. I have been searching it online on what design even though it’s too far away from now. At least, when time comes I am now ready to have an ideal garden. Thanks to Wickes for the ideas that I have now, actually they got their names on it!

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