January 24, 2010

Sir Buddy's Video Services

Oh my God I didn’t know that Jay and Aileen just tied their knot last December! Wow Congratulations to both of them! Actually, they didn’t know me in person but I knew them so well because of Ms. Janeth of Digital Filipino. As I was watching their wedding video minutes from now I was able to tell myself that I need to be wed again. Hahahhaha. Indeed, I really wanted to because the time I got married, wedding videography was not that affordable unlike now. Now that I have seen Mr. Buddy Gancenia’s works, how I really wish to hire him for the renewal of our vows’ video coverage years from now. I really wanted how he captured perfectly each scene and that the video itself is so into reality, and that’s what I liked most…being natural.

By the way, Mr. Buddy does not just offer his services on events, weddings but corporate video as well. Whew! I am so excited if given a chance to work with him in due time, that if I can afford to hire him. Hope I can! lolz! By the way, Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines, that's how terrific he is!

Well anyway, it is of every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle becoming into reality…a dream come true! That is why videography is a part of this life-long memorabilia that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

To Jay and Aileen…Congrats and Best Wishes….and to Mr Buddy….Congrats for another job well done!


Unknown said...

oo nga sis ang ganda..ako rin po gusto ko ulit mgpakasal..pang 3rd time na if ever..hehehe..pri

anne said...

Ang ganda as in yung kanta I love it. Visiting you here through Bloggers Exchange, I hope you can visit me here too, thanks
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