January 27, 2010

Of Virtualization...

Imagine how the world of technology brings influence in every aspect of our lives that even businesses will be made easier because of it. I just read it over a site that offers to guide businesses to virtualization solutions through virtual infrastructure adoption, implementation and application migration. by the way virtualization is a key technology that allows data centers to efficiently use their existing servers and storage.

I guess not just businesses but company as well needs assistance in having server virtualization services since we need to have an expert to analyze our data center technology and applications to design a roadmap for infrastructure design, capacity planning and migration plan the soonest. Thanks God for such technologies that yields to many benefits. Through virtualization strategy and implementation

• Maximize server and storage utilization
• High Availability for Applications
• Efficient Desktop and Server Deployment
• Reduced Server Administration
• Lower Data Center Power and Cooling Costs

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