January 7, 2010

Our Mom, Our Nanny!

Are you looking for a nanny for your child? I know some mothers are so hesitant to leave their children in the care of someone else especially about some incidents reported about some nanny’s who’s physically harming children. But in my case I am thankful enough that my mom is there to volunteer herself to babysit for my toddler.

Hiring a nanny (yaya) is more complicated than just interviewing a household staffer. Of course, as a parent we are entrusting our children which is our most valuable possessions. Am I right? In many, they will be the second mothers during our absence.

Now the article of Money saving tips for hiring a nanny teaches us on how to minimize the the cost and time you spend on hiring a nanny. First one would be through Network- you can find them through friends, colleagues and acquaintances is often a great way to source one. Second would be nanny share, you might find that you can save a great deal by buddying up with another family and sharing the cost/time of a nanny. Third would be: be flexible, advertise would be next and then lastly is to use an agency. Actually this article really helps especially to those parents who are currently looking for someone who can be trusted with. But if you wish to read some articles about Fitness Baybsitters then feel free to know more about it.

Hope you too can get a good nanny like my mom! Thanks ma!

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