January 9, 2010

Perfect Planner

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have mentioned about my so called “lil book of life”. Yeah right, because it’s a very small planner wherein I jotted all my activities after my wedding up to the time I gave birth to my lil Danielle. Ops I forgot, that it was also my family control planner. lolz. I just realized how I need a new one today since me and hubby was planning to have our second baby this year. So I guess I need to buy a new one!

While surfing the net on what kind of pocket planners or calendars to buy, I was so curious upon seeing their digital weekly calendar. Imagine the world of technology offers us- a weekly calendar that shows off your individual style and professionalism every single day. What makes it nice is, you can even customize the cover of the design any way you want to have. Aside from its affordability, you can select a design, send a photo or create your own with lots of colors and design options to choose from. You can design your own perfect planner TODAY and this will make it so unforgettable because of its perfect budget!

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