April 18, 2009

Way to Eliminate Debt

Have you noticed our global economy nowadays? Everywhere we go, we always hear that bad news about the financial crisis that we are facing now. What about those employees from multinational companies who were affected by recessions? Lucky enough I am not one of them, but still we pitied for them especially those OFWs who were jobless across the miles. I can’t believe that even those big company investors withdraw their investments in the stock market or else they Justify Fullwill loss in return.

The problem in here is how to make money from stocks even though buying and trading stocks seems to be very confusing. It is very important that as young as we are we have to invest even for a penny stocks. The more shares we own, the greater stake we will have. Just like a friend of mine, he is already a stock broker and he’s receiving broker fees of his own.

Selling a share in their company profit is one way of raising more money. Of course, an investor will donate their money as start-up investment capital for the company to use in marketing and development of their company. But when the company begins to make money, they share a certain percentage of their assets with the shareholders. This is one way also of eliminating debts.

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