April 17, 2009

No Probs: Debt Elimination is Here!

Just this morning, I heard a ringing from afar. I thought it was my office mate’s phone but it was mine! I immediately picked it up and talked over. Guess who was calling? It was a Credit Investigator asking me if I would like to apply for another credit card. I told her that I did not pass any application for credit cards as far as I could remember. So I said, go on! She asked me about my personal information, but at the back of my mind. Oh my! Another problem to face in the future! Lol! But well, I told myself that “anyway I will not be using it anymore- I am just collecting it”. I know how to handle CC’s this time that is why I am so extra careful about using it.

But before applying to any companies I’ll make it sure that the said company who’s calling me was not a filing for bankruptcy. It would be better if they could offer me a credit card debt negotiation or credit card debt solutions. I know credit cards are so tempting, if you’ll be short on cash- why not charge it! Just be careful, if you will not make a full payment at the end of the month then your problem arises and for sure you’ll be paying extra interest charges. Don’t bother cause your debt can be eliminated now!

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