April 15, 2009

Football: Fun to Play!

Are you an avid fan of football game? Me? Not that much but my hubby does! I have read about this Pepsi Football game that includes International football stars. Oh by the way, my husband really loves it since he can play it online. I was so curious about this new found game, so, I tried to played it and chose Kaka as my computer animated player, well I made the right choice- he is really good player! Yippee! I won, I won! I was really amazed with their special moves and victory dances as well. For sure you too will love this kind of game which is fun to play.

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi mommy phebs,

pareho tayo mahilig din ang habibi ko sa football and pati din sa baseball ahaha...

congrats pala nanalo ka sa laro ^_^