April 14, 2009

Free Credit Report

Being a wife is not an easy task, a help mate to my hubby is so enjoyable and that includes Budgeting. Speaking of money matters, it is really an important key to manage our resources wisely- either we spend and save it! In my case I have few credit cards with me- active and not active. I do have cards approved but I am not using it yet because as human as we are, we always got tempted with the things that actually are not that essential to us. If possible I will just use it when a need really calls for it.

I guess everyone is having worries about identity theft, hackers are everywhere. We always wanted our finances to be safe and so as with the credit cards that we have- we call it as "credit lock". Indeed, credit cards are so helpful in any sense if spent wisely, if you will use below 50% of your credit limit and then you are paying substantially in good form then you are likely to have increase card limits.

Have you heard about the Credit Nexus 3-in-1 Credit Report? It gives you a complete overview of your credit history rating. In here you can review or even monitor your credit report and stop identity thieves in their tracks.

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