April 9, 2009

Problem Encountered!

As I was about to open my browser last night, my friend left a message on why I always get disconnected. Me too, I also noticed that it happened always for almost a week already. I guess, It is not our internet connection because our server is so fast while I am just using a wired cable extension though. I asked my hubby why it always happened to me. It came to a point that I was so pissed off that I was able to throw my mouse. Too bad! As my husband tried to fix it out, it was only my ethernet cable wire specifically lc multimode that needs to be replaced. Tsk.tsk.tsk.


sweet_shelo said...

maayo na lang na discover ninyo agad.. okay na imo connection?

S-H-Y said...

sometimes we get really piss off na wlang kalagyan konti mangbato ng things hehe..I experienced the same girl malapit akong na high blood LOL..