April 5, 2009

Too Tired!

We went home so late last night since our daughter is not with us. Although it was already 1 in the morning, we still managed to wake up so early to prepare for church. We thought that we can have enough rest this afternoon but so sad that we were not able to! After from church, we met again with my cousin and his wife for a lunch out together with my aunt and uncle. There we have our very sumptuous seafood lunch at a very cozy restaurant from 1 pm to 5 pm. Just imagine the hours that we have spent sitting down and have some chit-chats with them. After that, we went back to the mall and bought something for tomorrows activity- white water rafting. I thought that I can relax since my daughter is having a vacation. Sad to know that my days were so tiresome- but anyway we did enjoy each others company then. I guess I need to sleep early to gain more strength for tomorrows adventure. Good night every one coz my body longs for a comfy bed to stretch on!

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