April 4, 2009

B-Day Bash Contest

Wonderful Things In Life

Hear yeah, hear yeah! The "contest queen" MomGen of Wonderful Things in Life is holding another contest, in celebration of his son's third birthday. This is my third or fourth time if I am not mistaken in joining of her lotsa' lots of contest. Guess what? I won two times already that is why really love to join such. Besides I am one of her hundredths of sponsors.

First Prize: 22,500

Second Prize: 17,000

Third Prize: 14,000

Fourth Prize: 10,000

Fifth Prize: 9,000

Sixth Prize: 8,000

7th Prize: 7,000

8th Prize: 6,000

9th Prize: 5,000

10th Prize: 4,000

Special Prizes: US Only

To know more about the mechanics, feel free to visit HERE! What are you waiting for? Join now!

1 comment:

Divya Sai said...

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