April 13, 2009

I won! I won!

I remember last night, I left a message for mommy Gen telling her that I cannot wait for her to announce the winners of her birthday contest. Oh my! Just this morning when I was in the middle of my work, I received a text message from her congratulating me. I hurriedly open my site and voila! I won the.....

Second Prize: 17,000
Winner: Love's Haven
* 3500 EC - Guilty Pleasure
* 3000 EC - Chuchies's Hideaway
* 2000 EC - Simplement Belles
* 2000 EC - Cookings' Fun
* 2000 EC - WhereAbouts
* 2000 EC - Seek No More
* 1500 EC - Twinkletoe Writing Space
* 1000 EC - Blessings and Beyond
* 125 x 125 widget ad - Dancing in Midlife Tune
* 125x125 Ads space for 1month - Pinkista.info
* 125x125 Ads space for 1month - MyCandypastel
* website review - Health Is Wealth
* 1yr. domain - Joyoz Photography
* $10 coupon - Mea Culpa Body and bath's page

Hoping and praying that all the sponsors would cooperate with me so that I can be able to have it the soonest. Thanks be to God!

Indeed, it is an added


Amy said...

congrats for winning the contest, just send me your entrecard details so that i can transfer the 4,0000 EC credits I have promised.

You can send me a message via entrecard. Here's the details: http://entrecard.com/user/28028/

Hope to hear from you:)

Simplement Belles


bluedreamer27 said...

congrats wow thats a big prize

bluedreamer27 said...

nice to be here by the way

Momgen said...

I know you deserve it Phebie. Congrats!

Nedekcir said...

Thank you for sending the credits so fast. May I ask why 1500, I only notice 2 blogs. No matter, I will send it back to you if you made mistake.

BTW, yes we can exchange links. Let me know when you are done and I'll do the same.

Again thank you!

twinks said...

Hi Phebie,
Congrats for winning second. Thanks for informing me about the ec credits. I sent them to you already. Take care ^_^

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Hi, send me an email at:


I can email you a coupon for 10$ with a code so you can use it in my store.

Thanks :-)

Genefaith said...


Nedekcir said...

Thanks for clearing it up...lol. I added your link to my blogroll #28. Have a great week.

Arlene said...

Hi Phebs, your widget is now up in my sidebar!

Again, congrats!