April 2, 2009

Shocking News!

I was blog hopping then, when my cousin Mommy Ruby buzzed me and asked if my PR goes down to 1? I confidently replied her as to what blog site did she mean? She replied immediately "http://loveshaven.com". Oh! I said "the same as for the past three months, Page Rank 2!". She said check it for it really goes down since Mr. Google is some kinda' updating it. Still, at the back of my mind I am still confident that maybe it was just a mistake since I just checked it last night and still I have my PR2. She gave me the link and checked it..voila! it is really true that my rank goes down to 1! Gosh!!! but still I have to thank God for my PR one than having a zero rank at all. **sigh**How can I gain back my rank? Could anybody please help me on this?!!!

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