April 18, 2009

The Five Preferred Wedding Songs Meme

Ate Ruby of Life and Scraps tagged me of this interesting meme that is why I posted it right away and besides it is so simple! I agree that mentioning just five songs is so hard to do, I do have a long list of my favorite wedding songs. So I sorted them out and I guess these are the best...

My Five Preferred Wedding Songs:
1. Forevermore
2. Ikaw
3. Cherish the Treasure
4. I Can't Live A Day Without You
5. I will be Here

Actually all of the above mentioned was sang during my wedding ceremony and reception as well. By the way, I do have a compilation of this songs since it was one of my wedding give-aways..

Meme Rules:
1. Choose any song that fits the event. Any artist and genre will do.
2. Post your answers and tag five people in your list!
3. Don’t forget to mention and link the person who invited you to play.

Now I am passing this to Bogie, Meryl and Genebei.


Bogie said...

Yes luv, I will make it na jud kay daghan na ko utang sa imo na tags.. :)


Thanks for posting this one Phebs! You have a great song list there.

Genefaith said...

hi ..i'm through with the tag...thanks

my fave wedding songs

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, done posting the tag.

By the way, I like your picture here.very nice ^_^
i like the color of your motif too ^_^

By the way sis, meron na ako dating napost na purse tag, include ko na lang name mo dun sa previous post ko sis.

Thanks for including me sis.

take care and God bless.

Anonymous said...

wow nice wedding cake