November 8, 2008

Life in a Modern Hut

We celebrated our halloween weekends in our little hometown of Misamis Occidental last November 1 & 2 this year. Living in a province is very different from the city- no rushing hours, nice place to meditate the word of God for it's peaceful sourroundings (you can only hear the chirping birds in the trees), the cool and clean breeze that you take in. Whew! So relaxing is the place! We experienced relaxation and at the same time had fun with my other cousins in the little modern nipa hut of my cousin Herbert. He has a little pond wherein we can have some fishing like bangus and tilapia and can go on boating too. He also has prawns in there. The food was indeed so delicious and we were all having fun being in there. Hope we could visit him again next summer. Hope we can have one here in the city (lol).

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Aisha said...

That's what I miss in the Philippines. Just being in a village eating those yummy meals.