November 20, 2008

Great Shopping at Toy Overstock

I remember when I was a kid, I always longed for the time to receive files of toys/gifts from my parents, god-parents, aunties, uncles and even from my grand parents especially during Holiday Seasons. But that was 20 years ago. Now that I do have a family I call of my own, I guess the feeling’s for sure was being passed/transferred to my daughter at this time. She is also expecting something from someone this Christmas time.

I used to receive gifts before from my God-parents but now it’s the other way around. As early as now, am starting to window shop for my God-children to avoid Christmas rush. Am sure they are feeling of what I was feeling long time ago. Online buying is into nowadays, so while I was surfing the net I came to cross this Toy Overstock which hangs off of a big toy production company for a low wholesale prices. Good to those who are living within the US Continental because if you can purchase over a $100, the shipping is for free. Yes, you read it right, for free!!! Another thing is that, they are offering some of their toys at a discounted rate. Their toys are ranging for as low as $.99 up to $15 only. See? From your 100 bucks you can buy as many toys as you want and be able to share it with somebody this coming Christmas Time.

To those discount seekers and loves free shipping why not give it a try to purchase at Toy Overstocks. Giving is not just only during Holidays but it should be done everyday!



Anonymous said...

nice that you have gotten this one. i wish i can have more opps again at SS. by the way, have you joined ??

Denise said...

Great link.