November 15, 2008

Got My New Domain

Last month I always thought of buying a new domain. I was quite motivated by my cousin Ate Ruby who happens to have a post on buying her new domain at a very low cost for as low as $.83/mo, so I guess it will just take me to buy good for a year because it will just cost me a $9.99/yr. But sad to say that I still don't have that amount in my Paypal since I'm still a newbie in blogging. Guess what? I won from a blog contest of Mommy Cathy worth of $40 as the first prize plus few days after I won again from Mommy Ruby of $5 as 3rd prize. See I did not thought of having that amount in that way. Thanks God it helped me a lot- I was able to buy a new domain for me at PinoyDomainStore and was able to buy medicines for my mom who was confined at the hospital at that time.

At first I was so hesitant to buy one since I read from my friend's post that until now she had a problem with her new domain. Fortunate enough that I had Ate Ruby with me, though she's from afar but still I can communicate with her easily when it comes to technical problem. She was the first one to know that I bought one. I told her that I don't know how to do it/use it/install it-I don't know the exact words for this:). But anyway, to cut it short, for a span of 3 days I was able to use it NOW though Ate Rubs still encountered some minor problems in fixing it. I owe all this things to my cousin..Thanks much Ate!!!
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