November 21, 2008

Much Blessings

Just this afternoon, as I was browsing the SS- Manage Blogger Account, I was so shocked that I do have a convert from one of those affiliates that I have taken. Guess how much? $17.55, just imagine for the whole month I didn’t know that I have another blessings on my account! Aside from the Post opportunities that I have taken a month ago and the prizes of the blog contest that I have joined in.

I have also received other blessings last night as I was attending a Product Presentation from a certain company that I was into just this month. How much? It was about a $100. Yippey!!! God is so good that I am now earning more aside from my monthly salary. To God be the Glory!!!


Anonymous said...

wow it must really help to have a more positive attitude and strong faith too. i'll try to be more positive from now on

sweetytots said...

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Unknown said...

yeyeey!!! i am so happy for you sister...Thank God tlaga...God provides!!!

JLaine said...

wow! PTL!! congrats.. and by the way, you're new template is cute!

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