November 14, 2008

A SuperMom

Last night, we went to bed so early because my daughter was not feeling well so as my husband. But before we slept, we prayed first together with my daughter. After saying a little prayer, she asked me to sing a song for her. Even though I’m having a hoarse voice due to my cough and cold, still I sang for her. While singing a song she wanted me to pat her back but again my husband is pleading me also to do some head massage coz he was so tired from his work. As a wife and as a mother, I did their request. Can you imagine that I’m doing it at the same time? I was placed between the two, from my right is my daughter and my husband is from the opposite. But guess what? My left hand was on the back of my daughter while the right one was on the head of my “honey”. Huh I’m crossing my hands for them? I said to myself, what am I doing now? He said to me that you’re a certified Super Mom. (lol). He made me smile after all. Instead of doing my blogging thing that night, we slept.. ZzZzZzZz

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Unknown said...

you are a real super mom..