November 18, 2008

Ulcer or UTI?

At exactly 12:30 AM just today, I asked my husband to rush me to the nearest hospital because I can't bear the pain in my stomach, I was super pale and so weak already because I vomitted for several times. The doctor had checked me in the ER for several hours and thought that I had an Ulcer so she gave me a med for a Proton Pump Inhibitor. I thought I will be going to be confined that time because of the pain that didn’t subside after all. She even let me undergo for a urinalysis. Though the result was not good, I had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which causes the pain in my abdomen. I’m still under medication for one whole week to verify whether it is an Ulcer or just the cause of the UTI. But the common denominator is they all started from letter U.(lol)

Though the pain is still here but I know that God healed me already. I have learned lessons that I need to eat on time and never misses a meal or snacks if my tummy calls for it. Also, never to drink on soda if my tummy is empty. It’s different now if you are a mother already comparing to my old single days.


Anonymous said...

i uber agree with you! its a different thing when you already bore children.

i will be home in cagayan tomorrow. evening ata. i will boarding NN 3am dawn tomorrow.

Cookie said...

Get well soon! And don't miss your meals, ok? I pray for your fast recovery. God bless!

Aisha said...

Oh yeah, definitely! :( I hope you'll feel better soon! Take good care of yourself. Water is better than soda. :)

twinks said...

My mother had the same problem last month and we admitted her in the hospital. We thought it was just a simple fever, and then her ulcer attack. Unfortunately it was a UTI.
I agree with you, it is really different when you're a mother already.
Hope you're feeling better now. take care :]

Marites said...

hope you're feelng much better now. take good care.

Unknown said...

hi love, I hope ur okay now.. Just drink a lot of water and give praise to the Lord for He has healed you already.. The power of His touch surpasses all pains.. amen..