November 17, 2008

Wonder Woman Awardee

This Wonder Woman Award was given to me by Bogie. Thanks for considering me as an Awardee, I'm flattered.

It's true, I'm not just a wonder woman but a Super Mom as well as what my hubby told so. I have so many roles to play in life, I'm an office worker from 8am-5pm. A mother of 1 at night and a wife for my husband for the rest of my life, a friend, a daughter, church goer, part-time business woman and of course a blogger too. I still thank the Lord that I can be able to do all this stuffs in a little span of time, it's a matter of time management. I'm happy and enjoying my life to the fullest now. I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I’m giving this award to all these people Melody, Azlina, Aisha, Shelo whom I consider to be wonder women, making most of their time for God their family, their friends and to all the people around. Enjoy life!!!!

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