September 5, 2008

Protecting your Marriage

Nowadays we often hear of a story or even see a movie about extramarital affair. It seems that in a world of unbelievers, a painful story of infidelity is just a normal thing for a couple who doesn't worked/clicked at all.

I have learned things on how to build "HEDGES" to protect your marriage and to help make "a good marriage great".

  • Hear- give a listening ear to your spouse.
  • Encourage- build up your spouse by focusing on positive qualities.
  • Date- celebrate your marriage by playing and laughing together.
  • Guard- establish safeguards by setting clear boundaries.
  • Educate- study your mate to understand him or her.
  • Satisfy- meet each other's needs.

The grass on the other side of the fence may look greener, but faithfulness to God and commitment to your spouse alone bring peace of mind and satisfaction.

Let your marriage be a picture of Christ and His church to the people around you by loving and respecting your spouse. Only Christ is the 3rd party in a marriage who can make it work.

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