September 25, 2008

PMC's Week 15 Photo Post: Crying Peeps!

The Crying Entet

Obviously, this is my daughter who is so super hyper active baby. The upper left pic shows herself on how she wanted to escape from my embraces. She was on her momentum of playing the neighboring kids outside the house as I took her to go to bed. She really refuses not to go with me, I picked her up and then we locked inside the room and I hugged her so tightly to the point that she was hurt and of course she really wanted to escape from me. Then my sister took her a candid shot.

The lower right was taken during night time as she badly wants to drink her milk. The busy mom watching TV were not listening as what she requested that's why she shouted aloud saying "Memmy, Mi-mik..................." with matching tears on her eyes. Poor little Entet....

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