September 22, 2008

Future Chemist!

Our church celebrated our 12th year anniversary at a certain pool here in Cagayan de Oro yesterday. After I took a bath for my daughter, I was so busy packing the things to bring for the said event while my husband was on the bathroom for a shower. Time for me to take my turn, so my partner was the one who watches over my daughter as she was playing the packed bag. Too lenient, my husband went outside for some minutes to do his tooth brushing thinking that her daughter was just playing the bag while watching TV.

To his surprise, what he saw was my daughter holding her medicine bottle for her nasal decongestant was spilled out on our bed plus her cologne on the other hand. He really scolded my daughter of what happened. Of course, she cried aloud that I was able to hear her voice in the bathroom. As I went inside our room, I asked her what did Daddy do to you? She answered me with matching demonstration that "Da--ddy, spanked (pronounce by her as spang)".

As I was about to let her drink her med in the afternoon, I was so shocked that I smelled something outside the bottle. I thought it was just the cologne that was spilled near her bottle of med. I did not expect as I was about to pulled her drops of med, it was not her med inside the bottle anymore but the cologne instead. What?? Did I smell it right? Oh my, does it mean that my daughter is a future chemist? (LOL)

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