September 1, 2008

Prayer...the best weapon!

Did you experience in your life how God really works and answer your prayers? Indeed, I can really testify His goodness and faithfulness in our lives!

To be miles away from the family is not that easy just to earn for a living. This is the case of my elder sister who happened to be in Dubai for work. All we can give to her is just our prayers for protection and good health. Guess what? Something happened....just yesterday morning she called us up telling that their flat (apartment) that they are into was burnt up with fire! She really cried because she thought all of her stuffs were burnt. According to her roommate who was there at the scene, the fire started at their room. She was at work during that day, that's why she was so worried because all of her papers was all there.

Their boss gave them money just enough for them for their immediate needs like dress, undergarments, food and etc...But at the back of my sister's mind, she really has to go to the site to look for something in which she can save of her own. The owner didn't allow her to go for the reason that the police has to investigate it first but she really didn't listened. As she was on their room, she was so amazed that of all the bed in their room it was only her bed that wasn't burnt at all, even her stuffs, dresses in the cabinets were still intact but the rest of her roommates stuffs turned into ashes.

She really cried because of God's goodness in her life. See? even just little stuffs were there, the papers and all. As she was telling all these things lastnight my mom and I really had moved to tears....tears of Joy! You can't really imagined how does it happened. But that's how God really works to His children. Our simple prayer as a family for protection was not in vain.

Indeed, God is the God of all possibilities, He can perform miracles. Because of what had happened, I believed that God used my sister as an instrument for her fellow roommates and co-workers to believed and be saved in our God on whom who protects, provides,heals,saves, preserves and loves at all times. All praises and glory belongs to Him!

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