September 15, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

To be exact, June 18, 2008 I received a confirmation email from PayPerPost telling me that I have taken the first step to registering. That same day they welcome me to the site that connects bloggers and advertisers in one central location. But sad to say that don’t have much time to continue the three steps left so that I can get paid since I am so busy in my work the past few months.

Now that I have enough free time to do blogging, to the point that reading my friend’s posts made me so curious to continue the remaining steps. I made it just recently! I am certified PPP postie. I am so excited since most of my friends were now taking their opportunities and were enjoying of being paid up. Whew! Why can’t I try for myself since I do love to blog also about websites, products and even services that PPP is offering? This is it….This is my very first post for PPP and I am so much excited to write more opportunities & sponsored post the soonest.

Blogging is not just pleasurable but it can be more exciting and fun if you can be benefited out from it. So what are you waiting for, sign up now for PayPerPost

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