September 22, 2008

High Tech Days!

I remember the time when I was in my high school days that I was able to use a computer as one of our subjects. But this time, as early as the kids now they know how to operate the PC, controls the mouse, play a movie, listen to music and etc.. Imagine how the world of technologies influence our kids nowadays? Most of the kids are into computer games, surfing the net, etc at their very young age. As always there are always a PROS and CONS when it comes to technologies especially computers. CONS - many students were addicted to online games to the point that they don't want go to school anymore. The PROS- it makes also the life of the students much easier- it is a great help as well when it comes to researching.

I have a friend, who has a grade 2 daughter who happened to have a computer subject in class. Fortunate enough that they have their own PC at home since they have to answer their homework through their CDs. But, what about those students who doesn't have one at home? Poor little ones that they have to spend time, money and effort to go to a cafe just to answer their assignments.

My daughter as early as 1 year and 7 months old, received a gift from her grandmother (mama as she fondly calls) a mini computer. Intended for her to learn the basics of everything. Alphabets, numbers, animals, vocabulary, sounds, games and more. I realized how early my daughter be exposed to high technologies nowadays.

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Unknown said...

I really agree with you mem, we are truly in the techie age. My kulit bebay also knows now how to operate the PC when playing PC games. She even said to me, " Wag mo pakialaman mama, nag loading pa yan eh".. See, as young as she is. Moreover, my two boys, we chat with each other as we are miles apart. I think these are the Positive side of it, getting the world connected. However, as you said there are some negatives also, children can open the site which are not intented for them..and more..

By the way, Princess is surely more like a 3 year old girl.. Advance, techie girl huh!!!