September 5, 2008

Business in Mind...

A graduate of Business Management is supposed to be a manager of his/her own business. As to my case, I ended up working in a national agency as a plain employee. But I'm sure that I would not just settle for less but I should have aim for more. In God's own time, a higher rank position in the near future.

Before I got married, my boyfriend who happens to be my husband wanted me to engage in business as he does. This was his planned before, but I strongly disagreed with him. My planned was just to get employed in a company while he is in the business world. And so it all happened...
Years of experiencing what the real world of employment is all about, I came into a realization that why should I not get into business? All of my learning's will just be put to vain I will not practiced nor used it. But the big question is? What kind of business? etc and etc. Of all questions asked, the answer would be...ahHmm..I have already it in mind but sad to say that it would be a secret as of now (LOL!).

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