September 4, 2008

Shopping Spree!

I guess all of us wants to experience a shopping spree, especially to us women. This is what we love to do. Shop, shop, shop! For me,I can say that I can go shopping just for our needs and a little of my wants.

I do have a friend of mine from other country who loves to shop always. I always keep in touch with her almost everyday. The other month, as we were chatting, she came to a point that she wanted me to shop for her again. A favorite company of her that still don't exist in U.S.A. Take note the word again, because I shopped for her last year with that same company of tops and bottoms.

To shop for someone else is quite not easy because you have to imagine her size, the color that she wants, the styles that she likes. Much more with the time that you spent thinking on which to buy that at the end she would like it. Fortunately, it paid off as you will see that she was so happy to received the package from me. Yippee!!we've got the same taste!

Just this Saturday I shopped for her again the third time. As I went outside the store with my both hands full of shopping bags I felt like I'm shopping for myself as in to the maximum level! (Lol!)

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