September 4, 2008

My Prince!

Too often today the husband-wife realtionship is viewed as anything. We often see the bitterness, the insults and animosity presented in the media as the norm. How much more desirable it is to see True Love-- to see a husband unashamedly cherish his wife, to unselfishly be her "prince".

Just like my husband he is the type of a romantic person who loves surprises for me. He doesn't mind if what people says as long as what he did is right. He loves to show his feelings not just to his princess but even to others as well. He loves to show affection and he is very appreciative even if it is not (*as to people's standard*)-- he always see things positively as beautiful as ever been. That's what I like in him.

Here are some suggestions for husband out there to continue to love his wife in a more princely way:

  1. Listen--enjoy those tender times when she can unburden her heart without fear
  2. Love Life--find ways to have fun to your marriage
  3. Lead spiritually--guide the way into prayer and intimate fellowship with the Lord

I thank the Lord that my husbands never fails to do what's on the list. Our married life is truly been blessed! Whew! So men out a prince to your princess!

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