July 15, 2009

What a Dream!

Last night I was dreaming that I can take-off my tongue and scraped all the foods on it and I will just threw it away. Actually me too I don't understand why it could happen. lolz. Anyway, I tried to surf the net and look for the meaning of my dream: TONGUE!

So here it is.....(from www.dreamsleep.net)

Tongue Dreams - the Hidden Meaning

Psychological Meaning: A tongue may represent the things you say. You may need to express yourself or may have already said too much. Perhaps you’ve been saying something ‘tongue in cheek’? As the tongue plays a part in the sexual act, your dream may be saying something about this area of your life.

Mystical Meaning: If you dream of your own tongue, you will tell lies. If you see another person’s tongue, they will lie about you. An infected tongue means careless talk.

Well, whatever is their meaning....
the bottom line is it's just a DREAM! hahhahah

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