July 25, 2009

July: Nutrition Month

July is considered as the nutrition month. As always we always celebrate it even in our office, this year’s theme is Wastong Nutrisyon ay Kailangan, Lifesytle Diseases Iwasan”. Indeed, we really have to take care of ourselves that is why we have to take the right nutrition that our body needs.

Talking of nutrition, I have remembered the former professional body builder from 1980s and early 1990s. He was Rich Gaspari who started his own supplement company in 2001 named Gaspari Nutrition. I was thinking of buying the Gaspari Muscle for hubby since he is planning to enroll back in fitness gym. I guess it would be a great supplement to help him assist in muscle growth.


Anonymous said...

laki ng katawan dito ah

Nenette said...

cge love, para ma-ing-ato body ni Jj anang sa picture