July 31, 2009

Mommy Moments: Look At That Mess!

mommy moments

I would like to share to you how my daughter looks like when she's messed up!

Cute isn't it?

This was taken when she was about months old at
KFC eating her favorite mashed potato...

so yummy with her favorite ube ice cream ...

PEACE! I'm the Certified ice cream girl!!

Happy Mommy Moments to all!!!


JLaine said...

entet! panghatag ice cream beh!..heheh!!

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Lulu said...

sarap talaga ng ice cream!

Hazel said...

Hello ice cream girl, can i have some of your ube ice cream? :-) *hugs*

happy mommy moments!

nuts said...

haha, i have an ice cream post and she's 7years old and still making a mess when she eats ice cream too..

happy MM..

admin said...

she looks so cute eating her ube ice cream... i'm about to eat one too..

Chris said...

cool pics! i love the last one!

Clarissa said...

She's a certified ice cream cutie!!\(^0^)/

Happy Mommy Moments,Mommy Phebie!!^_^ Have a great weekend!!

nanaygin said...

cute ice cream mustache..lol!

genejosh said...

naibog jud ko sa icecream dah..panghatag...

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