July 3, 2009

Be Beautiful!

I wrote in my previous post about a cousin of mine who joined a certain TV shows called “Born to be a Star” featuring their talent in singing few years ago. But before that, they all underwent a make over of whatever parts they wanted to be change in their body. Most of them underwent surgery like breast enhancement and nose lifting. Fortunate enough that my cousin is blessed with a high bridged nose, so she just underwent for a breast enhancement. Thanks God it was a successful cosmetic surgical operation.

Speaking of Cosmetic Surgery, I heard about this Make Yourself Amazing (MYA) that offers an affordable and flexible finance packages. They also have a wide selection of most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world. You too can choose to an offer of surgical and non-surgical procedures whatever you wanted. Wow! If given a chance why not give myself a try for their body reshaping as well as their breast enlargement. I know that it is a big decision to make but for sure MYA will help and provide all the details that one has to make an informed choice.

Anyone of you wants to experience the feeling of being happy and confident of such a life changing step? Be fit and be beautiful!


pet said...

akala ko ikaw itong nasa pic di pala kase maputi hehehehe..joke lang ha...kamusta na kaya sila...? dumaan lang po mommy phebie, sensya na kase di malimit dumadaan dahil may mga kailangan lang tapusin

Forgetful Princess said...

geeh...can't they just joined the search without touching anything?! Katakot naman yan! kailangan pa dagdagan yung breast nya para talaga maging mganda..