July 3, 2009

MM: Encounter with Pets or Animals

mommy moments

Oh I forgot that it's already mommy moments today! Well anyway, better late than never.

Today's theme is Encounter with Pets or Animals

Just scroll down below:

This was taken last August 2008 during our City Fiesta...
mom, meh and my Tita Lala

my daughter was so afraid of the high-breed Goats

with the cockatoo...(w/dad)

oops she's so afraid to touch! (w/grandpa)

hush lil baby...i mean lil kitty

"wait mom, i still need to feed them"...

ready 1,2,3 sit....poor little rooster!


rossel said...

your daughter is so adorable. happy mommy moments. mine is posted here.

SASSY MOM said...

Your daughter is soo cute. I love the last photo. She's soo adorable. have a great weekend!

kamz said...

Mommy Phebz, di ko makita ung other photos... just the first one with the bird. cannot see the scroll bar. but ur little one is sooo adorable!

btw, i linked you up at my site and grabbed your button. see you around!

Chris said...


Willa said...

she's so pretty!!

darly said...

hi there,

beautiful kids you got there mommy!!

More Happy Mommy Momments to you. God bless.

Check out my MM entry

Forgetful Princess said...

kadaghan na sa iyang na encounter na pets ...akong ziggy ero og ering ra jud..paak pa jud sya sa ero...