July 21, 2009

I won! For the 3rd Time Around!

WoW! Another blessings to thank the Lord for allowing me to win for the 3rd time around here in the blogosphere! Actually, I did not expect to win the said contest coz I thought can't be able to do the "layout thing" but pretty sure I know how to do the "slogan thing". The sexy host Tammy kept on asking me to join their slogan contest until such time I saw my friend Genebei of Her and History's entry on what she did. I remember one night that we chatted with Gen and she asked me also to join the contest but i refused because of some reasons. She told me that what really matters most is the slogan itself not the layout since the contest is all about slogan. Well, she had a point so I let her read and see my blog slogan and then she approved it. That is why I was able to write about my Blog Slogan Entry. Thanks Gen, I was kinda' isnpired and motivated of your works or shall I say it as entries!

Well, to Tammy and Rosilie:
Thank you very much!
as well as to my sponsors below:

$5 ---- Anne Bianca of My Little Home
$5 ---- Maxi of Ovah' Coffe ( she's on a vacation right now ) Claimed it when she gets back!
1 Year FREE Domain or
$10 cash equivalent if you don't need a domain---- Lainy of Lainy's Musings
Blog Make Over ---- Rose of Designs and Scrap LO
5000 EC --- Dhemz of My Life's Perception & Inspiration
1000 EC --- Mary Anne of Mary Anne's Musing
5000 EC ---- Twerlyn of Stay in Love
1000 EC ----- Lainy of Our Journey to Forever
1000 EC ----- Lainy of The Certified Fashionable Chic
1000 EC ---- Mys of Thoughts and Obsessions
1000 EC ---- Mys of Just Keep Trying
1000 EC ---- Budiawan Hutasoit of Small Note
2000 EC ---- Shimumsy/Alf of My Careless Whispers
3000 EC ---- Genejosh of Her and History
One month 468 x 60 top banner ad on her PR3 blog --- Maxi of Health and Beyond
Winner(s) of our contest will have their entry inducted into the WBE Blog of Fame--- Mr. D of Basic Bloganomics
125x125 ad space for 2 month - Sherry of Joyful Teary Zone
125x125 ad space for 2 month - Sherry of Catch Up Giveaway
125x125 ad space for 1 month ---- Lainy of Kuerdas
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Sherry of lurveverything
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Sherry of NameSherry
1 month Text link ad at PR3 --- Jade of Momma Wannabe

Surprise Freebie from ME...
Twilight E-book
Guys, can I claim now my prizes?
Thank you in advance!
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