July 27, 2009

The Inhumane Acts!

Hubby and I arrived home today at around 6pm from the office. As we were about to turned our lights on, we were so shocked that there was no even a hint of electricity running over our house. Okay, I thought we experienced another power interruption just like what happened yesterday, but hubby went outside and check if it was really brown-out all over the subdivision but there was not! To his surprised, he noticed that we had our electric disconnection since something happened at our meter. oh no!

I was so shocked, since my schedule for the payment would be this coming Friday and yet the disconnection was already made as early as Monday. I was really pissed-off since MORESCO-1

were not able to do it all as in FAIRLY. I mean they will just do it if there were no people at home just like in our case. Actually, I am not really running away from my obligations nor am a delinquent payer. What they did is a super injustice to me and to those who were affected and victimized by their inhumane acts. I guess this is one the few things that they have been doing but of course I can't enumerate them all in here...

To cut the story of my rant, I talked to their Area Manager and plead to reconnect my electricity the soonest. Thanks God they extended their services tonight just for me. lolz!

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