July 21, 2009

New NY Cellulite Removal

In my previous post about months ago, I have mentioned about my first time of wearing tattoo. Oppps, maybe you are thinking of the real one, you’re wrong! It’s just a henna tattoo or shall I say a temporary tattoo. I was just wondering those people who have changed their mind after putting the permanent one. I remember someone who let her ankle tattoo be removed and guess what it did work so well. Maybe, she went to Dr Morries Westfried MD, the best consultant of PhotoMedex Laser Co. who offers tattoo removal.

Speaking of removal, they are also offering acne scar treatment, wrinkle removal, psoriasis and vitiligo laser, and mesotherapy-lipodissolve as well as the new york cellulite removal. Good for my friend who resides in New York because she can now visit to their nearest clinic because she is really planning to have her first new york cellulite removal. Summer has just started, and one of their places to visit is the beaches in Florida. Well, she wanted to surprise his hubby in her bikini outfit that is why she wanted to be sexy at this time.

For sure, she can get what she really wanted because Dr. Westfried is one of the best doctors in NYC. All she has to do is to call them today at 718-837-9004 for an appointment.

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