July 15, 2009

Of Engagement Rings...

I guess it is every woman’s dream to be engaged with someone you dearly loved. How much more if your dream wedding would really do come true, what would be your feelings? Do I sound so romantic in here or am I just dreaming like a fairy tale? Well, I am so romantic indeed! Looking back, I wish that my husband proposed in a way I wanted to fulfill. But I guess it would be impossible since he is just a simple person who proposed in a simple and yet romantic way. Anyway, the most important was the fact that we were engaged and both of us turned out to be happy.

I remember a friend’s engagement proposal that was so perfect and super romantic. Wow! The girl was really filled with tears of joy as her boyfriend handed the engagement diamond ring while kneeling before her plus the fireworks at their background. As we watched their videos, we were all teary eyed because of their love and sweetness with each other.

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