February 11, 2013

Bronze the special moments and freeze them

The Continental Bronze Co. In San Dimas, CA is inaugurated with a strong passion by Lou Mitchell. Lou transformed his hobby into his profession with his newly found plating machine and managed to please his customers with his remarkable bronze creations. Since, then the industry has been in business with a growing demand and is being managed by Lou’s daughter Anne.

We are proud to announce the fact that we master in the Bronzing technique and the tiny baby shoes bronzed by our highly skilled professionals sell like hot cakes. The tiny bronzed baby shoes lead the Bronzing market in every sphere and they constantly beat our growing rivals in the trade. We manufacture every kind of exclusive souvenirs which can be treasured for a lifetime. Please click here to browse the collection at the online store. Our expertise in the Bronzing technique lies in various baby memorabilia, shoes, souvenirs, the perfect keepsakes, police and military memorabilia. The best quality antique bronze, bright bronze, 24 karat gold, pewter and silver are used to manufacture the treasure items. Our products never ever tarnish, lose luster and fade. You may visit our store and learn more about the shoe Bronzing technology. You can freeze the first hand or foot impression of your bundle of joy at the Bronzery. We create 3D hand and foot mold, first hand or foot impression mold, baby shoe mold. It is you who will choose your favorite metal and we’ll deliver you with the most wonderful memorabilia of your life time.

The store also features several other bronzed items like, bronzed gold ball, bronzed baseball, bronzed adult slipper, bronzed pacifier, bronzed 3D adult hand mold, bronzed paw prints of your beloved pet, bronzed belt. The incredible part of this bronze journey is the mounts which we use; they are made up of either quality wood or marble. Click here to find some incredible bronzed products. We will be happy to provide you with the custom price quote of your item which needs to be bronzed and we love to announce that we also provide with expedited delivery options. You may contact us over the phone to speak with our highly trained professionals to learn more about the Bronzing technology and why you should invest in a bronzed memorabilia.

Bronze the special moments and freeze them :
Please Visit Bronzery and learn how to bronze baby shoes for your bundle of joy and do check the wide array of our supreme bronzed collection. Freeze the most precious thing of your life within your favorite metal; indulge in one of our unique creations. You will never regret your invest for we provide the best quality bronzed goods which supersedes similar items available in the market.

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