February 20, 2013

Looking for Bars in the West End of London?

I haven't been to London but if your looking for the right bar, pub, club for your big night out is not very hard as long as you know what you’re looking for (drum-n-bass, techno, hip hop, house, or jazz). Actually, London bars ranges from the very VIP down to the jeans-and-sweatshirt kinds of places where the attitude is minimum.  Knowing the fact that London's vibrant club scene puts the city on the map as the capital of cool!

I have talked with a friend who used to live in there, funny about her because she knows all the bars and club listings you can find out in London, just tell her the best place you want to go and she'll surely bring you to a party from dusk to dawn.

Now that she just move in to another country, I don't know if she's still updated with the newest bars in the West End of London. As far as I know they are waiting for this Bar Soho is currently receiving a facelift and  making some crazy changes, including installing some spectacular carousel booths (no, really, they are!). Cool huh! For sure they can guarantee you that you will surely love the changes and that will blow your mind away! :)

When you are looking for a drink in the capital wherein there's no shortage of places to go, worry no more   because the city is littered with traditional bars,  pubs, wine bars and trendy hangouts.

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