February 1, 2013

The paradise of Hand Woven towels and Organic sheets

Alter the monotony of your bedroom and the dreary interior of your bathroom by introducing the best quality linen from our online store. Bed linens and bath towels are the focal point of a bedroom and a bathroom; they accentuate the beauty of these interior spaces of a household and at the same time reflect the classy choice of an individual.

We have some enigmatic collection of bed sheets , bed linens, foutas, robes, throws, pillows and bath towels which can help you revamp the interior of your either your bedroom or your bathroom. Each incredible piece of cloth is designed by expert artisans who have implausible experience in the weaving industry. Each piece of cloth that you purchase from our store will remain unique, unbeatable and exotic over the passing tide of time. These priceless pieces will take the breath away of the strangers and will take every soul with the soft ruffles of its cotton threads.
The paradise of Hand Woven towels and Organic sheets
Our Turkish bath towels are the specialty of Shop Nine Space. They are completely hand oven in the land of the Turks (Turkey) with 100 % Turkish cotton which is soft as a baby’s skin. Renounce the rough texture of your previous bath towels and introduce one of our hands woven Turkish towels to ignite the romance and beauty within you. The quality cotton produced in Turkey is carefully chosen, handpicked and processed to manufacture these bath towels. The Turkish towels are available in myriad designs and patterns , namely Pleated towels, dotty bath sheets, trellis bath sheets, lattice bath sheet, ribbed bath sheet and bubble bath sheet. They are elegant, super soft, classy and will give you the best feeling ever.

The amalgamation of the rustic with the sophisticated charm of elegance can be felt better at our organic sheets gallery and you can click here to enjoy the extraordinary gallery at our online store. Enjoy our sheets which are manufactured from organic cotton and organic bamboo pipes which are infused with the linen with a touch of delicate artistic rumble. The threads of these sheets are woven from cotton which is handpicked. One of these signature sheets will not only accentuate the beauty of your bed but will also mystify your senses. The crisp white of these sheets inflict a sort of deepening calm and tranquility. You can dive down the myriad designs which are available in our store and we are confident that one of them will surely transform your Bedroom interior with a stylish touch of elegance. Transform your sleeping process into immense comfort and peace; drape your bed with our sheets. Rediscover and relive the beauty of your warm bedroom and bathroom with one of our tempting products.
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