February 24, 2013

Hubby's Summer Plans

I guess everyone noticed nowadays that we are on its way to Summer days! Why? We can really feel the oozing hot from the sun may it be inside or outside the premises. We feel like we need full volume of the electric fans, air conditions plus it would be great to just soak in a very large cold pool the whole day. Anyway, those are just the typical scenarios during summer but with my hubby it's quite different. He just told me that he wanted to recondition his  big bike (motorcycle) since summer is coming but the only problem is we don't have motorcycle lifts to lift his super heavy bike and be able to bring it to shop. Hope someone could lend or even offer for help so that it will be fixed the soonest before summer starts. 

Looking forward of joy-riding with hubby this summer just like the good old days!

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