February 19, 2013

Gore-Tex helps to keep you safe and warm

Blauer.com offers some of the latest and greatest police accessories. The great thing about shopping at this online place is that not only are you going to be able to partake of some very high quality gear, you will be able to also find many items which you can wear when you are not on duty, or when you are having to spend a few days in the office behind a desk. This is a great option for a person who needs new police items and cannot get them replaced soon enough, and also a great company to equip people for purposes of training.
Some of the best accessories that police can have are those of hats and gloves. Not only are these going to protect them from various things, they can also enable them to do their job better if a grappling situation comes up, or if the weather is getting in the way of a task. The 9100 Gore-Tex Service gloves and 9111 Gore-Tex Trooper cap are two matching items that can be bought together in order to be used in the best way. The cap is around 44 dollars while the gloves are a bit more at around 59 dollars. The fact that the items are both made of Gore-Tex should immediately be a key that they are good quality. They are also very dark in color for when being discreet is important, and made with B-Warm materials that allow for perfect insulation from the cold and the elements.
Gore-Tex helps to keep you safe and warm.
Police body armor is also one of the very most important things that an officer and enforcer of the law can have. When a police officer is involved in a fight that causes them to be the target of physical contact from knives or guns, the person will need adequate protection. Sometimes it is necessary for the officer to appear as is he or she does not have any armor on. This is when some of the great Polyester Armor skin. Not only does this come with a nice tab that can conceal a hidden microphone, it is also specially crafted so that any other additional body armor you might need can be slid in and connected. This also looks like a normal shirt and gives a certain amount of protection against damage. This is a great item to wear whether you are in the office or the field during work.

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