August 21, 2009

On 3-Day Hiatus...

At this moment, we are on our way home to our little hometown of Misamis Occidental to attend the interment of our late grandfather (the brother of my grandma) who is also so dear to us this coming Saturday. We will be spending our weekends there and I guess I also need a 3 day break, in the blogosphere and in the office just to unwind and relax for some time. So please bear with me...Promise to visit you back this Monday! God Bless you all!
Mommy Phebie is now signing off.....


Unknown said...

my condolences mommy phebs..hope you could also enjoy your visit there. have fun with your ones..God bless!

genejosh said...

sis hope you're fine in there and truly nakaunwind and relax ka..ok na kau ni hubby mo?..he..he..

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